Friday, June 22, 2018

Father's Day weekend

Doug had a great Father's day weekend. We went swimming at the Tupelo Country Club pool and met Mary, John, and Tucker. On Father's day we attended church and then went to the Fairpark Grill and had a delicious brunch with Doug's father. Later that night we went to my mom's house and had dinner with my dad and family. It was a great weekend for Doug. We are blessed that he is the father of 2 boys who think the world of him. He's a great dad and is highly adored by our 2 little people.

Ole Miss Baseball regional weekend

Ole Miss opened up NCAA regional play and hosted in Oxford and of course we all were there. Mary, John and Tucker met us there too. It rained the Friday game out so we had to make alternate plans but we went to go eat at Oby's and had a great time. All the little people sat on one side of the booth and Mary and I occupied the other and the guys sat at a table across from us. We had a great time. We finally went to the game after a big rain delay and all the boys were excited. It's hard to tell 3 excited little people to wait all day for an Ole Miss baseball game. It's like eternity to them!

The Rebels ended up loosing their Regional game on Monday and so therefore baseball season ended just like that.

SEC Baseball Tournament

The SEC baseball tournament was held in Hoover, AL the weekend of Memorial Day and the Ole Miss Rebels made it to the SEC championship game and of course we loaded up and went. It was a hot day but the Rebels pulled it out and WON the SEC Baseball Tournament! We had a GREAT time cheering on the Rebels!

Girl's Trip to McCarty and Peters Pottery

Mom, Mary and I along with Tucker made our annual Girl's day trip to McCarty and Peter's Pottery in Merigold MS. We love going here and always buy way too much when we go! I was on the hunt for white Peter's Pottery canisters for my kitchen and I found them as well as other stuff for my new kitchen decor. I always love going here and spending time with my mom and sister.

End of School Year program

Will and Luke had their End of School Year program at Harrisburg for dayschool. Each class sang 3 or 4 songs and it was the cutest program ever. The teachers and directors put on a very entertaining and sweet program. The kids had a blast showing off what they had learned.

The next day it was PARTY day at Dayschool and Will's class had a Luau and they had a blast!

Mother's Day weekend

Mother's Day weekend we headed back over for another series of Ole Miss baseball. We stayed for Friday and Saturday afternoon games and then headed back home for church on Sunday and to celebrate Mother's Day. I'm thankful for such sweet little people that get to call me "MOM" day in and day out. I wouldn't trade that name for the world!

Will's lost tooth

May 7th (the day after Luke's 3rd birthday), Will lost his first tooth.  We noticed it was wiggly the night before while we were brushing teeth and Will complained about it hurting. Little did we know that it was loose. He probably wiggled it all night to get  it loose. At breakfast the next morning, Will was eating a banana and then screamed "my tooth came out in the banana." We got excited and the tooth fairy came that night and brought him $10 for his first lost tooth.