Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Will's birthday party

Will had a great birthday party with his friends. I didn't get many pictures of him near his decorations because I was trying to control this wild bunch he invited. We had the best time and the kids really enjoyed playing. We had it at our church gym and had a pirate theme but most of all Will had the best time!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

New Year's Day

We spent New Year's Day staying in our pjs, taking selfies, watching football, eating our famous black eyed peas, cabbage, and hog jaw, and playing on the coffee table with our legos. We had a great New Year's day.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Snow Daze

We got SNOW and ICE on January 16th and the boys were out of school till January 18th and they were WILD. We had to readjust our schedules and get grandparents to stay with the boys because Doug and I had to continue working. We let the boys play in the snow for about 20 minutes because of all the sickness going on I didn't want the boys to get sick for Will's party or break a bone either. We didn't bundle them up so that is why they are in their pajamas still and boots. They had fun though but got cold after being out in it for 20 minutes so it was a win win for all!

Happy 6th Birthday Will

Will turned 6 on Friday, January 19th and we celebrated all weekend. We had snow days from school leading up to his birthday so his birthday present was going back to school for one day. For his birthday breakfast we took the kids to Chick-Fil-A before school and then for dinner Will requested Outback Steakhouse. His party was on Saturday at our church with all his friends and it was wild (will post that one later). It was a great birthday weekend with our 6 year old.

Funny story, after all the birthday festivities were over, Will woke up the next day and asked me if he was 7 yet and I said in another 365 days and he said that was a long, long time to go. I told him to enjoy his year of being 6 and love every minute of it! Crazy kid!


Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year

Well 2017 is coming to a close in a couple of hours. We have experienced a wonderful 2017 with the boys.

Will turned 5 in January and Luke turned 2 in May. February was spent in Oxford at the Ole Miss baseball games. March and April were spent in Oxford too. We celebrated our Risen Savior in April with an Easter Egg hunt at the Club and lunch as well. May we celebrated with kindergarten shots for Will and a 2 year check up for Luke. In May Will caught his first fish at Nana and Poppa Bill's house.  In June, before we started on our adventure to Orlando, FL Will landed in the ER with some minor gas pains (we thought it was appendicitis). We finally made it to Disney World with all 4 of us in tow and conquered the Magic Kingdom. We then went on a Disney Cruise with my entire family (13 total) in June and had the BEST TIME! Will became a tee-ball star and played tee-ball for the first time this spring and loved it! Luke and Will both completed another successful year of ISR and swam like fishes at the Springlake pool and the Tupelo Country Club pool. Will began another year of Pre K at Harrisburg in August and Luke joined him in the 2 year old room at Harrisburg Day school. Will is going to go the KINDERGARTEN in 2018 because of the best decision we made to hold him back in 2017! Luke became potty trained in September and has successfully mastered the potty! Will and Luke both enjoyed the fire truck days at HBC Day school as well as many other activities. Football officially started in September with many weekends in Oxford through November. Will and Luke had their first Double Decker bus ride in Oxford in October and thoroughly enjoyed it! Chase and Marshall were a huge hit on Halloween and the boys got several compliments on their Halloween costumes. Thanksgiving came and went. Will had his 2nd trip to the ER for 2017 with a case of pneumonia. Then it was on to Christmas and all the activities and parties we could have and the conclusion of Christmas day and Santa's arrival.

2017 has been a blessed, fun, and exciting year! We look forward to 2018 with Will going to Kindergarten and starting school. Lord willing let's hope we make 2018 as memorable as 2017 was.

Happy New Year from our FAMILY to yours!

Christmas with the Penny's

We finally had Christmas with the Penny side which was Doug's brother Nic and his kids. Kalyn got the flu a few days before we were scheduled to have Christmas so we decided to postpone the celebration and do it when all were well. So this weekend the crew came in from Oakland and we gathered at Doug's parents house and had a laid back Christmas get together complete with pizza, dessert and fellowship. It was fun watching all 6 of the grand kids play together. It was a fun time!

Arkansas Trip

Doug and his dad took the boys to Arkansas to visit family after Christmas and I stayed back because I had to work. I heard they had a great time. Angie spoiled them with drums, jeep riding, and play doh pizza maker. Mamaw spoiled them with breakfast food. Nannie spoiled them with money and Phyllis spoiled them with pizza and love. They had the best time and the apparently "missed" momma but I highly doubt that.